3 Reasons You Should Have A First Look At Your Wedding

Why Have A First Look?

More and more couples are having first looks on their wedding day. What’s the reason behind this trend? Well, it’s a mix of personal and practical reasons. Let’s get into it – here are our top 3 reasons to have a first look on your wedding day, starting with our obvious number 1, how good it looks on video.

1. It adds so much to your wedding film

One of the key ingredients in a good wedding film is capturing the anticipation in the moments before the ceremony. And the first look is practically made for this! Seeing the bride and groom so excited and even nervous literally just to see each other? It’s like a movie scene directed specifically to portray how much this day means to the couple.

2. It lets you ease your nerves before the ceremony

Speaking of feeling nervous, if you think you’re likely to feel overwhelmed at the altar, then a first look might be just the pressure valve your wedding needs! You want to enjoy the first moment with your partner on your wedding day, and if you think the big ceremony crowd might, well, crowd your ability to do so, then have that special moment in relative privacy with a first look.

3. Get photos out of the way

On a much more practical note, you and your partner can usually get most of your wedding photos out of the way right after a first look, and before the ceremony. That gives you the freedom to transition seamlessly from the ceremony to reception, and more time with all your friends and family.